College Planning

Saving for your child’s higher education is complicated.


According to a recent Gallup survey, college is now so expensive that tuition has become the #1 worry of advisors' clients with children under age 18. 





Many parents ask:

  • “How do I maximize my cost effectiveness when saving for college?”

  • “Knowing that tuition rates will increase considerably in the next decade, how do I formulate a plan to effectively start saving for my child’s future tuition?”

  • “Should I use a tax-free, qualified education savings plan?”

  • “What is a tax credit? How can my savings benefit from tax credit(s)?”

  • “Why can different tax filing statuses impact tuition rates?”



Every year thousands of Americans spend billions of dollars on higher education without formulating a proper plan. Student loan debt has surpassed a trillion dollars. Advisors Best® strongly recommends that anyone seeking to fund higher education form a strategic plan long in advance.


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